Commander Maria Hill
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3rd-Sep-2012 05:14 pm - Dinner with [ profile] buy_war_bonds
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To say that Rogers had somehow done the impossible was an understatement. Erskin's super soldier process, taking on Hydra, getting frozen for the better part of a century, and then dealing with the Chitauri were all probably easier to do than try to get Commander Maria Hill, Deputy Director of SHIELD, to wear a dress. And heels. But Rogers had done it. All he'd had to do was was use the shower facilities at just the wrong (or was it the right?) time.

Normally Hill would consider anything remotely resembling a date to be only slightly worse than telling the World Security Council that they were a bunch of morons for trying to turn Midtown Manhattan into a smoking crater. Except Rogers somehow made it a lot more bearable, even to the point of bordering on fun. Maybe it was his anachronistic sense of chivalry or his dating naïveté, but Hill actually found herself enjoying the evening. Imagine that.
19th-Aug-2012 05:56 pm - The Hot or Not Meme
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