Commander Maria Hill
Deputy Director of SHIELD
19th-Oct-2012 06:54 pm - For [ profile] sixwordstories & <user site="" comm="smuttys
standardprocedure: (cold stare)
[thinking about taking the night off]

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12th-Sep-2012 08:14 pm - [hanging from a rock climbing wall]
standardprocedure: (looking up)
@ [ profile] sixwordstories#
@ [ profile] smuttysws#
3rd-Aug-2012 06:58 pm - For [ profile] smuttysws
standardprocedure: (space case / listening)
[blast text]
Going out for drinks.[#]
26th-Jul-2012 01:50 pm - For [ profile] smuttysws
standardprocedure: (right profile / not impressed)
[Finds this on her desk.] Stark! [#]

[Note: Pic slightly nsfw (PB is only dressed in lingerie and a blanket.)]
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