Commander Maria Hill
Deputy Director of SHIELD
27th-Oct-2012 09:04 pm - AIM is not my friend
standardprocedure: (don't make me shoot you)
For those who IM me through celticdreamz77@AIM, I'm not ignoring you. Honest. AIM just borked up my login. I've tried getting in through the web and through my regular chat client, but just keep getting error messages. I've even tried changing my password and that didn't go through, either. So, if you need to IM me about something, use my doeswhatsright@AIM screenname until my other one gets un-borked.
21st-Sep-2012 05:03 pm - Hiatus
standardprocedure: (looking up / name)
I'll be stepping back from playing Hill for awhile, but I'm not sure how long. As much as I enjoy playing Hill with everyone, [ profile] jurisimmortalis is and always has been my primary muse. She has a PSL/ship going right now that is completely eating my brain leaving little to nothing left over for Hill. I apologize for all the dropped threads. If you would like to have a PSL with Hill, just comment and hopefully I'll come back to her once things quiet down with Nat.

Thanks for your patience.
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