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2037-08-04 11:11 am
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This is the permissions list for OOC (out of character), activity.
Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no", as well as additional information if desired.

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Only if Deadpool's involved
Offensive subjects (elaborate) I'm okay with most stuff, but inbox me if you're unsure.


Hugging this character: If you're not afraid of getting throat-punched, sure.
Kissing this character: With established CR. Canon-mates will get a prompt "WTF?!" response.
Flirting with this character: You can try, but it probably won't get you anywhere.
Fighting with this character: Absolutely. Be prepared for her to kick your ass.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes. She's 100% human and can (and has) suffer broken bones, cuts, GSWs, etc.
Killing this character: Ask first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: She's not immune to telepathy, but ask first.

Hill is an abuse survivor. Her mother died shortly after she was born, and her dad has hated her guts ever since. Be prepared for mentions of physical and mental abuse.

Hill also served in the Marines. She's a product of Parris Island, and was sexually assaulted in Afghanistan. Be prepared for mentions of rape, and some reluctance on her part in engaging in smut. Trust must be established, and she has some pretty major trust issues.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!
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2014-04-17 06:40 pm

Stand-By For Technical Difficulties

My 2006 iMac has been dying a slow death lately. Going between multiple tabs and apps has been irritating at best since it takes at least 15-30 seconds for things to switch over. This has made tagging incredibly slow, and Hill is >this< close to using the computer for target practice. Needless to say, it's time for an upgrade. I'll still have access to tags & things through other devices like my phone & tablet. It'll just take me that much longer to actually tag anyone. I just want to apologize for tags taking longer than they really should.
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2013-03-06 05:15 pm

Loki's Cage

Who: Maria Hill/Loki
Where: Helicarrier brig/holding cell
When: mid-movie
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 506
Warning(s): Mild language, mention of prior abuse
Summary: Hill/Loki snark fest.

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2012-12-15 10:35 pm

Coulson's New Recruit

Who: Maria Hill/Phil Coulson
Where: Camp Lejeune, NC
When: 2008
Rating: PG
Word Count: 444
Summary: Coulson recruits Hill for a mission in Madripoor

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2012-12-10 08:23 pm

The Trouble With Maria: Chapter 01

Who: Maria Hill/Steve Rogers
Where: His apartment in Avengers' Tower
When: Post-movie, after Hill gets herself into a drunken bar brawl
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1998
Trigger Warning: Mentions of prior abuse/assault, but no overly-graphic details.
Summary:  Rogers sees Hill at her worst.

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2012-11-13 07:08 pm

Deleted Scene: 10-C

Who: Maria Hill/Steve Rogers
Where: Secure Storage Locker 10-C (Helicarrier)
When: Between Steve storming out of the lab and returning with intel on Phase 2
Rating: G/PG
Word Count: 922
Summary: Hill finds Rogers looking for answers at 0130.

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2012-10-27 09:04 pm

AIM is not my friend

For those who IM me through celticdreamz77@AIM, I'm not ignoring you. Honest. AIM just borked up my login. I've tried getting in through the web and through my regular chat client, but just keep getting error messages. I've even tried changing my password and that didn't go through, either. So, if you need to IM me about something, use my doeswhatsright@AIM screenname until my other one gets un-borked.
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2012-09-29 11:16 pm

For [ profile] sixwordstories

No, Wilson. You can't be Director. [#]
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2012-09-21 05:03 pm
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I'll be stepping back from playing Hill for awhile, but I'm not sure how long. As much as I enjoy playing Hill with everyone, [ profile] jurisimmortalis is and always has been my primary muse. She has a PSL/ship going right now that is completely eating my brain leaving little to nothing left over for Hill. I apologize for all the dropped threads. If you would like to have a PSL with Hill, just comment and hopefully I'll come back to her once things quiet down with Nat.

Thanks for your patience.
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2012-09-16 10:19 am
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