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Commander Maria Hill ([personal profile] standardprocedure) wrote2012-12-15 10:35 pm

Coulson's New Recruit

Who: Maria Hill/Phil Coulson
Where: Camp Lejeune, NC
When: 2008
Rating: PG
Word Count: 444
Summary: Coulson recruits Hill for a mission in Madripoor

The barracks were mostly empty as most of the unit had left to celebrate being back Stateside after a long eighteen-month deployment. Staff Sergeant Maria Hill was busy neatly folding her spare BDUs and other clothes before putting them in her footlocker when her CO entered the room followed by a man in an immaculately-pressed dark suit. As per USMC protocol, Hill immediately dropped what she was doing and snapped to attention.

"As you were, Hill," the lieutenant replied and she took up a more relaxed pose. "This is Agent Phil Coulson of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Your recent actions in the field have landed you on SHIELD's radar."

"Sir?" Hill's left eyebrow quirked upwards, her only expression of curiosity.

"Your attempt at rescuing Mr. Stark," Coulson answered with a perfectly straight face. It was almost impossible for her to tell whether he meant that as a compliment or not. Hill wasn't amused.

"I was simply given a mission, sir," Hill started, but wasn't allowed to finish.

"Acknowledged, Hill," the lieutenant interrupted. "Regardless of what happened out there, you're one helluva Marine. That's why SHIELD wants you on their payroll. You're being reassigned. Effective immediately."

A muscle in Hill's jaw twitched.

"I'll leave you two to get better acquainted."

"We have a situation in Madripoor," Coulson stated no sooner than the door closed.

"Not interested," Hill answered, and pointedly went back to folding her laundry.


Before the SHIELD agent could blink, Hill's KA-BAR was out of its sheath and pressed to his neck as she pinned him to the upper bunk support. "Never call me that again, understood?"

Hill had been tased once during basic, and her second experience was just as bad. Her entire body went rigid, and she struggled to maintain her balance. However, Coulson shifted his weight and nudged her with a shoulder, sending her to the floor with a groan.

"You sonuvabitch!" she hissed when the effects of the taser wore off.

She prepared to launch herself at him, but Coulson simply held up the stun gun in a wordless threat. "Ready to play nice, or am I going to have to taze you again?"

Bright blue eyes glittered dangerously at him as she climbed to her feet. "Fine."

"Good," he replied and tucked the taser away. "As I said, we have a situation in Madripoor, and we could use your help."

"Meaning that, like it or not, I'm getting yanked out of the Corps, shipped out half-way around the world, dropped into unknown territory, and told to watch my ass."

"Pretty much."

"Thought so."

"Wheels up in thirty," Coulson smirked. "Agent Hill."

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